Know Everything From Origin To Medical Benefits Before Clicking On The OG Kush Seeds For Sale Link!

Even if you are not familiar with cannabis industry, you must have heard about the famous OG Kush seeds. As the harvest season is on our heads, every seed bank will be putting OG Kush seeds for sale. While you may be tempted to buy them to try them out for medicinal purposes, you must know everything about them. There are so many stories and facts attached to this seed that you will find this an interesting read.

We all know the importance of medicinal marijuana in this world. When serious diseases like cancer have become a household name and mental health issues are finally being recognised and spoken about; legalising cannabis for medical use has never been more important. While there are hundreds of people who will misuse them, millions of others will benefit. Various studies have already proven that cannabis or marijuana helps in relieving many problems for people with various ailments. Pains as common as menstrual cramps to chronic pains, these medicinal drugs can help a person with many of them. There are so many cannabis plants with different characteristics, it can be difficult to know about each and every one of them.

Today, we are talking about OG Kush strain. This certain plant has a lot of mystery around it. No one knows exactly where it originated from. There are many different stories about the name and its origin. Some believe that it originated in florida in the early 1990’s. people also believe that it was made from northern california strain called emerald triangle when it was crossed with hindu kush plant. Others believe that hindu kush landrace and chemdawg were crossed to make a new breed called OG Kush. People also dispute about the name and what OG stands for. Some like to call it ‘ocean grown’, others think the name is ‘original gangster’. While there is no way of knowing the truth, OG is a hybrid that has a very unique profile. 

The main reason for OG Kush’s popularity is the high level of THC in the plant. It can range from 20%-25%, which is very high compared to a lot of others.

Appearance wise, OG Kush plant is quite large, just like an indica. The dense structure has greenish yellow leaves with hints of purple in the winter. OG strain has quite a sticky feeling and a very distinct aroma. It smells of pines and woods with citrus and spicy undertones. It tastes just like a traditional indica with a hashy and spicy taste while inhaling and exhaling the smoke.

It is not easy to grow and has many side effects but also helps to treat chronic pains and psychological issues like insomnia and depression. After knowing all this, if you feel you can use it for medicinal purposes, go ahead and click on the link that says OG kush seeds for sale!