Reason behind parasites and use of zapper technology on it

There are lots of new technologies discovered for curing and controlling diseases in hospital industry. In that case, zapper technology is introduced to kill and remove parasites in our body. This device damages negative ion present at the outer membrane of a parasite with current. The outer surface protects parasites from white blood cells, which is more important for immune system. They also deal with negative charges in the body, which acts as the same charge repel and they do have same charge and are not able to remove parasites. When you use zapper for removing infection, it does not affect the current level of immune system in the body. They remove only the parasites, with the help of zapper you can easily remove parasite, clean the body and helps in relieving pain that are occurred due to migraines. It helps in maintaining the body strong and keeps increasing immune system in the body. Weak electric current does not harm humans; they emit frequencies and destroy micro organisms like bacteria and viruses. It takes fewer minutes to complete while using electromagnetic pulses.


Parasites are small organisms that enter our body through body openings, wounds and respiratory tracts, searching for a shelter and food for their living and reproduction. Parasites are carriers of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Contaminants, which feed the parasites, come into our body with the air we inhale, the food and drink we eat, and the products that we put onto the skin. If a person is infected with parasites, they can often have: headaches, rash, fever, cramps, feels weak, vomits, perpetrates at nights, can be apathetic, depressed, chronically tired, have allergies to food, is unhealthy, is irritable, hyperactive, etc. After using Zapper device they can similar effects, but they are not life-threatening. Possible symptoms may occur within a few hours after using Zapper and may include fever, low blood pressure, headache, muscle pain, restlessness, fever; but they resolve spontaneously within a few hours. You can drink water, with C vitamin or other substances that have anti-inflammatory effects to accelerate the elimination of symptoms.

Therefore, we should not use the Zapper device more than one hour per day, as the body could get poisoned by the excessive amount of toxins from dead parasites, bacteria and viruses we have in our body. After using zapper for 14 days, we have to make a 14-day pause and repeat the treatment the following month.